Envisio’s data integration allows you to easily import key performance data from spreadsheets into Envisio.

Integrate Spreadsheets

With a single, central place for your performance data, you can streamline and automate data collection. Choose to integrate Excel, .CSV files or Google Sheets into Envisio using data entry, file uploads, or an automated SFTP.

Data Entry

This method works well if you have a small amount of summary data that can easily be copied and pasted, or typed out. For example, this could be a small summary of expenses or survey results.

.CSV File Upload

This method is perfect for small to medium-sized data that can be regularly exported into a .CSV format. This option allows you to bulk upload bigger sets of like a monthly summary of expenses or survey results.

Automated SFTP

This method works great for medium-large amounts of data (>50MB) that you want automatically refreshed in Envisio. Upload .CSV files using an automation script, or upload manually using an SFTP client like Filezilla.