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Municipal Strategic Planning: The Future of the City of Lloydminster

Through Envisio’s strategy execution software, the City of Lloydminster is implementing their strategic plan and engaging their employees like never before.

Lloydminster employee engagement & accountability

Robust reporting on the progress of departmental objectives and team efforts

Within 3 months of adopting Envisio, the City of Lloydminster was able to create their first report on specific departmental objectives and overall team progress. These updates formed the basis for enhanced reports provided to council and residents.

The City of Lloydminster experienced the following benefits:

  • Reporting to council and citizens has improved significantly and has kept departmental objectives aligned with the strategic plan
  • Integration of the city’s employee success plans within Envisio’s performance evaluation module allows them to assess individuals against the overall strategic direction and culture
  • Improved employee engagement, decision making, and cross-departmental collaboration

Lloydminster Proven Results

“Our day-to-day activities are now aligned with council’s goals and objectives as outlined in our strategic plan. The system helps us stay on track by identifying objectives that may require additional resources. We now have the ability to measure and report back on outcomes that highlight our shared success,” says Herbus. 

The future of the City of Lloydminster

By selecting Envisio for its municipal strategic planning and implementation needs, the City of Lloydminster is now charting the course to becoming a more transparent and accountable government. What was once a static document is now a dynamic strategic plan that is responsive to the evolving needs of Lloydminster’s residents.

The Future of Lloydminster

City administrators are using the insights provided by the software to bring more focus into the 2016 city plan as it is being developed.

Envisio will help provide insights into how specific departments function and what kind of support employees need to be successful in their objectives.

Lloydminster transparent & accountable local government

“Envisio really took the time to get to know us better. They understood what we needed to immediately operationalize our strategic plan and report on department objectives.

They established a trust relationship with us right away and they’ve been a supportive strategic partner of ours ever since,” says Sharon Herbus, Director of Strategy, City of Lloydminster.

The City of Lloydminster truly is part of a growing breed of forward-thinking municipalities committed to embracing technology and placing the needs of residents first. Envisio applauds the leadership team at the City of Lloydminster for taking this essential step in bringing their strategic plan to life for the betterment of their community. As the City of Lloydminster’s strategic partner, Envisio will continue to assist the municipality in achieving their goals.

Are you a City Manager that’s looking to chart the course to creating a more transparent government? See for yourself how easily Envisio’s strategic planning solutions can help you can engage your employees and become the kind accountable government that councils and residents love. So, what are you waiting for?

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