The Envisio Platform

Envisio’s focus on local government and education means that we have an in-house team that understands your unique circumstances and can help drive adoption from implementation through reporting and replanning. We’ve developed our software and services with your needs in mind. Our quotes include the entire cost of the software and support—no hidden fees or add-ons for plans, analytics, or dashboards. We’d love to show you the value of choosing Envisio.

  • Full plans, analytics and dashboards platform
  • Guided implementation and adoption
  • Ongoing support
Request Pricing
Why is there no price listed here?

Pricing varies depending on the size of your organization and the number of plans you want to manage. Get in touch and we’ll put together a tailored quote for your team.

Are there additional services and training available?

Yes! We have a number of additional services available, including in-person action planning workshops and performance management workshops from one of our local government consulting partners.

Training on Envisio is included in all quotes. Additional training can be requested at any time.

Do you charge extra to design and launch a public dashboard?

No. All design and development support for our public dashboards is included in our pricing. No extras needed.

Can I try Envisio before purchasing?
Do I need to pay for a year upfront?

Yes. All Envisio contracts are billed annually. We find that organizations are most successful in executing their strategy and improving organizational performance when they commit to a longer term partnership with Envisio… and we want you to be successful!

How will you help our team learn to use the software?

Our customer success team works with you to provide a readiness assessment, implementation plan, system administrator training, user onboarding, and change management strategies to hit the ground running…and never look back.