Envisio Strategic Planning Solutions


Manage all of your plans in one place. Cascade strategic goals into actions and assign the right people to get stuff done. Get your team excited about executing strategy and keep them on track with automated reminders, checklists and internal reports. Finally, share your amazing work through customizable progress reports.

Cascade Strategic Plan
Bust Silos icon

Bust silos

Create cross-functional strategy teams by assigning owners, contributors and observers across departments. Get staff engaged and focused on what matters.

Get Visibility

Get visibility

Understand exactly how your strategy is progressing. Cascade, gantt and list views make it easy to modify plans. Reports provide an early warning system for disruptions.

Share Progress

Share progress

Goodbye spreadsheets! Envisio reports can be automated and include both progress updates and performance measures. Schedule them for delivery or create them as you go.

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Align your performance measures with your strategic priorities. Envisio is an all-in-one strategy and performance management solution so you can track both qualitative progress updates and quantitative measures in one place. Use scorecards, interactive dashboards and data discovery tools to track progress, manage performance and inform decisions.

Balanced Scorecard Dashboard
Centralize Data Icon

Centralize data

Put data at the heart of your strategy story. Bring together all of your organizational performance data and align your KPIs with strategy. Envisio can work with existing BI tools or stand alone.

Manage Performance Icon

Manage performance

Track progress against goals with interactive dashboards and scorecards. Embed charts and graphs into plans, reports and dashboards so stakeholders can see how you’re doing.

Inform Decisions Icon

Inform decisions

Envisio is more than just a scorecard matrix. Slice and dice your data, explore trends and discover new correlations to help drive better decisions. Share your findings through beautiful visualizations.

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Deliver projects on time, on budget, and on the map. From powerful internal project and task management features, to interactive community maps and dashboards, Envisio has everything you need to deliver capital improvement projects – or any public sector projects – with ease and transparency. Align your projects to your plans and manage more of your most important work in one place!


Align plans and projects

Get strategically aligned. Link your projects to an overarching plan so that project progress directly contribute to the plan's progress and reports.


Stay on track

Create unlimited projects and tasks. Add documents, assign roles, outline project phases, risk statuses, and project types.


Inform your community

Connect residents to community plans. Map your projects onto interactive, drill-down dashboards that include project details, location, and budget.

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Control how you communicate your strategy and performance story to external stakeholders—whether it’s to your volunteers, partners or residents in your community. Roll up actions and updates into interactive summary dashboards, then let your audience drill down into the areas important to them.

Communicate Strategy and Performance
Control Your Story Icon

Control your story

Decide exactly which elements of your plan to share. Get as granular as you like by choosing which goals, strategies, actions, and measures to communicate.

Engage Your Audience Icon

Engage your audience

Envisio public dashboards are compelling and easy to use. Give your audience the tools to engage with the areas of your plan they care about most.

Introduce Transparency Icon

Introduce transparency

Be accountable and transparent with your external stakeholders. Give them the ability to answer their own questions, and enjoy showcasing your work.

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Performance Management Workshop Icon

Performance Measures Development Workshops

This workshop provides organizational leaders with an initial set of performance measures that tell a meaningful story of the progress made against your plans and your organizational performance.

Action Planning Workshops

Operational planning lies at the heart of successful strategy execution. During this action planning workshop, we’ll guide your team through a process to define SMART actions that are clear, actionable, and aligned with your strategy.