Press Release

City of Gainesville Selects Envisio to Support Strategic Vision for 2035

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Envisio, a leading provider of strategic planning and performance management solutions for local government, today announced a new engagement with the City of Gainesville, Florida to modernize the management and execution of its strategic plan, and increase public transparency, in support of its strategic vision for 2035.

The cloud-based Envisio platform will replace the city’s existing manual processes for managing, executing, and reporting on the city’s strategic plan. By operating within a centralized platform, the city will improve sustainability, equitability, and innovation as its strategic vision outlines.

Envisio will provide a more effective and streamlined process for implementing the city’s plans and measuring performance. The solution will ensure clarity of staff responsibilities, increase collaboration and visibility between departments, and save time spent manually tracking and reporting on progress to staff, City Commission and residents. Gainesville residents will further benefit from the solution, with access to public-facing performance dashboards that offer insight into the progress made against strategic priorities, and provide a new level of public transparency and accountability by the city.

“Our City Commission has developed an exciting and ambitious agenda for an equitable and sustainable future,” said Roberta Griffith, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the City of Gainesville. “As we reviewed our implementation processes, we realized that effectively meeting the benchmarks and goals we have set for the future would require a more modern and transparent means of tracking and communicating our progress. We are really looking forward to transforming our strategy implementation and performance management processes with Envisio and starting on our journey towards Gainesville 2035.”

“The City of Gainesville has already established itself as a high-performing, innovative city with a strong commitment to the welfare of its residents,” said Mike Bell, CEO and Co-founder of Envisio. “With our purpose-built local government strategy and performance management solutions, Gainesville will be able to channel that passion and commitment into a high-performing, transparent, and successful program. We’re thrilled to support Gainesville’s current strategic initiatives, and to provide the tools they need to build trust with their community and achieve the plans they’ve created for the future.”

As a Bloomberg Philanthropies “What Works Cities” initial cohort city, Gainesville has already demonstrated its commitment to improving the lives of residents through well-managed, data-driven management practices. Envisio’s offering will empower the city to build on those efforts by making more data-informed policy decisions, expanding on their performance management programs, and building public trust with interactive community dashboards.