Ferndale, MI City Hall

From master land use plans to entire city strategic plans, there are 3 key elements to ensuring a smooth road to success in aligning, managing, tracking and reporting on hundreds of critical initiatives.

Join the City of Ferndale to learn how they’re staying on track. Joseph Gacioch, Assistant City Manager, and Kara Sokol, Communications Director, will share 7 critical success factors and lessons learned as they conclude a 2-year city planning cycle. Jordan Twardy, Community and Economic Development Director, will explain how his team centrally manages their visionary Master Land Use Plan.

Attend this complimentary 1-hour webinar to learn how to:

  • Plan, execute and centrally monitor your complex plans
  • Integrate and align initiatives to bust departmental silos
  • Visually track and report on progress to assess results
  • Make projects accessible to city council and the community

Achieving complex plans can be made easier. This educational webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session – bring your toughest questions for Joseph, Kara, Jordan and Kevin Knutson, VP of Customer Success at Envisio.

Host: Kevin Knutson, VP Customer Success at Envisio

Duration: 1 hour

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Joseph Gacioch, Assistant City Manager & Chief Innovation Officer, City of Ferndale

Joe is the Assistant City Manager & Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Ferndale, where he has worked since 2012. As the Assistant City Manager, his role is to help establish, align and drive forward the City's strategic plan. As the City's CINO, he's charged with ensuring that the City's strategic plan endeavors to ask the right questions, seek out the right trend lines and identify the right partners. Joe serves on NextEra, a national board of Next-Gen Managers that serves the Alliance for Innovation, and was recently invited to speak on local gov technology disruption for the 2018 National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers & Finance Officers (NACCFTO) Summer Conference. Joe has a Master of Public Administration from Wayne State University and a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration from Eastern Michigan University.

Jordan Twardy, Community and Economic Development Director, City of Ferndale

Jordan is the Community and Economic Development Director for the City of Ferndale, MI. Jordan has nearly a decade of experience in local government and nonprofit management, including strategic planning and implementation, budgeting and teambuilding, tax incentives, problem-solving, fundraising and project management. Jordan holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and history from Oakland University, and a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Michigan. Jordan is passionate about championing increased civic awareness and strategic collaboration toward the identification and pursuit of community goals.

Kara Sokol, Director of Communications, City of Ferndale

Kara is the Director of Communications for the City of Ferndale in beautiful Michigan, where she leads digital, print, social media communications and community engagement initiatives. She has a master's degree in Professional and Creative Writing and has been writing professionally for ten years, specializing in organizational branding/voice, magazine editing and non-profit communications.