Employee Performance Management

Employee performance reimagined

Envisio’s People software aligns employee performance with your organization’s performance, values and role-specific competencies. Now you can have a complete scorecard for employees that represents actual performance.

Performance Alignment
Know that your big goals are supported by each employee’s efforts by directly integrating individual performance evaluations with overall performance.

Make coaching and feedback an intuitive process by enabling managers to support continuous improvement through real-time performance evaluations.

Employee Engagement
In Envisio, managers and employees work together to define professional development plans that enhance the employee’s skills and contributions to overall performance.

Key features

Align—Evaluate employee’s performance against how they support your organization’s strategic goals, strategies and actions and access progress updates over the entire evaluation period.

Engage—Provide employees with clarity around expectations and schedule regular conversations to increase engagement and link measurable outcomes to individual performance expectations. Automated reminders ensure employee’s performance evaluations happen on time.

Evaluate—Balance qualitative and quantitative assessments and weight assessment areas to attribute relative importance.

Feedback—Add comments with option to share feedback with employee, schedule mid-year conversations and performance updates, and include sign-offs by manager and employee.

Report—Automatically produce and file employee assessment reports, integrating employee evaluations seamlessly with Envisio’s Plans and Analytics features.

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