Executing Your School District's Strategic Plan

Superintendents face daily competing priorities from staff, teachers, parents and students, making it challenging to find time to focus on their school district’s strategic plan. On June 18th, get A+ tactics from Russellville City Schools that helped the district execute its 5 strategic priorities.

Tim Guinn, Assistant Superintendent, will share what he’s learned building the district’s first strategic plan and driving sharp operational focus. He’ll highlight the cascading actions, tasks and key performance indicators in place to keep 3,000+ children and 250+ teachers on track strategically.

You’ll learn how the pillars of the plan go beyond academic excellence to foster the character development of students, with lessons about charity, compassion, teamwork and being good citizens. Join us for this inspiring success story in achieving better student outcomes.

Help your plan reach its full potential! Watch this 1-hour webinar for proven tactics to:

  • Align department actions with school board priorities
  • Reduce time spent on creating performance reports
  • Gain visibility into how you’re doing against your strategic goals
  • Build trust with your board, staff and parents via public dashboards
  • Track and report on school accreditation criteria

You’ll also hear from Mike Bell, Co-founder & CEO at Envisio. He’ll explore how 100+ school districts and other local government agencies are effectively executing on their strategic plans, improving organizational performance and communicating progress to stakeholders. The outcome? Improved student learning and increased trust between the community, board and staff.

Guest Speaker: Tim Guinn, Assistant Superintendent, Russellville City Schools
Mike Bell, Co-founder & CEO, Envisio

Webinar Duration: 1 hour

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Tim Guinn, Russellville City Schools

Dr. Tim Guinn is currently an assistant superintendent of Russellville City Schools with primary focus on policy construct and analysis, faculty, administration and classified employee evaluations, enrollment, attendance, state accountability, and facilities assessment. Prior to his current position he served as principal and assistant principal at the school level and also has served as a classroom teacher in the disciplines of math and chemistry/physics. He has over 28 years of school experience.

Mike Bell, Envisio Solutions

As Co-founder and CEO at Envisio, Mike is dedicated to helping innovative schools, governments and enterprises achieve their goals by aligning employee actions with strategy. His experience in growing high performance teams in both North America and Australia has reinforced the importance of planning and follow-through, and of celebrating achievements along the way. Today, organizations in 8 countries are meeting their targets and building public trust with the help of Envisio’s cloud-based strategy execution and performance management software.