Women in City Leadership

It takes strong leadership at the management office to build high performing cities. Join us to celebrate the outstanding work of women in city strategic planning and to explore the unique insights of three women all working to see our communities thrive.

ELGL Executive Director and Co-founder Kirsten Wyatt will share current trends and future directions of women in city management. Rebecca Ryan author of “ReGENERATION” will explain how to use strategic foresight to ensure your community is future ready. Brynn Myers, the first female City Manager leading the City of Temple, TX, will describe her vision for the city, outline 3 areas of focus in her city strategic plan and tell you how she’s positioning her growing city for economic prosperity.

Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day with this 1-hour webinar. We’ll explore:

  • The role and value women bring to city leadership
  • Fostering gender balance in your city management office
  • Using strategic foresight in planning to become future ready
  • Building a city strategic plan to prepare for economic growth

Host: Liz Steward, VP of Marketing at Envisio

Duration: 1 hour

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Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL

Kirsten Wyatt is the co-founder and executive director of ELGL, the Engaging Local Government Leaders network. Kirsten oversees the programming, communications, technology and finances for a 4,000+ member professional association for local government with the goal of engaging the brightest minds. Kirsten works on behalf of ELGL members to connect, communicate and educate about local government public service. She is also cohost for the GovLove podcast, which discusses the people, policies and professions in local government.

Rebecca Ryan, APF, NEXT Generation Consulting

Futurist, economist, author and change-maker, Rebecca Ryan is the Founder of Rebecca Ryan // NEXT Generation Consulting. Trained as a futurist and an economist, Rebecca helps clients figure out “what’s next” through speaking from the stage, leading foresight processes for organizations and communities, and by teaching others the science (and art) of strategic foresight. She is also literally a baller, having played pro-basketball in eastern Europe throughout her twenties.

Brynn Myers, City of Temple, TX

Brynn Myers made history in January 2018 as the City of Temple’s first woman City Manager by unanimous City Council vote. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the City and manages an annual budget of nearly $150 million and a staff of over 900 full and part time employees. Brynn leads City Council policy decisions and facilitates the coordinated responses of all City departments to daily government activities. She also provides strategic advice to the Council on the long-term directions of the growing City.