Strategic Planning

Strategy Execution: So You Have a Strategic Plan, Now What?

Strategic Planning

Have you invested time and resources in a strategic plan, and then never saw it go anywhere? You’re not alone. Cities, businesses and individual departments know their strategic plan can improve the lives of their stakeholders and create clear goals for their internal teams, but a lot of organizations get stuck on: “what’s the next step?”

Putting the resources into creating a plan and then not doing anything with it leaves team members and stakeholders confused about why they invested the time to create it in the first place.

If you set a course, and then no one takes the wheel to steer the ship in your intended direction, more resources get spent in places they shouldn’t and productivity gets lost.

With budget constraints, limited human resources, and a public eye looking to see how you’re spending their money—having a plan, putting it into action, and tracking results is crucial.

We recently hosted a webinar focusing on just that—taking your strategic plan and moving it into action.

In this free resource, we identify ways you can keep your residents engaged and be a leader in transparency.

You’ll hear stories, tips and advice from an expert panel, including Dr. Richard Fursman, Owner and Organization Development and Change Expert at Hue Life; Mike Funk, Assistant City Manager and HR Director of Maplewood, Minnesota; and Julia Novak, President of the Novak Consulting Group. Our CEO, Mike Bell, moderated the panel and shared some insights from Envisio’s own experience rolling out strategic plans and celebrating progress

The bottom line: a strategic plan is only as good as the operating plan that supports it—otherwise, it’s like a car without gas in the tank.

We discuss how to get organization-wide commitment to the execution of the plan, why you should have a communication protocol for your plan, and the importance of celebrating your success.

In the webinar, we answer:

  • How do you make sure your strategic plan gets implemented?
  • What do well-designed action plans have in common?
  • How do you align operating plans with budgets?
  • What buy-in is required to successfully execute your plan?
  • How do you motivate someone if they’re not bought into the plan?
  • How do we communicate about the important things that can help us drive towards better execution?
  • How do we communicate internally about the progress we’re making?
  • How do we engage people and acknowledge the work they’re doing?

If you’re a leader who wants to see your strategic plan make real impact, watch the webinar and get insights that will help you implement your plan and get buy-in from all levels of stakeholders—from front-line staff to city council.

If you have questions following the webinar—reach out to our team and we’ll point you in the direction of some additional resources.

Mike Bell

Mike has dedicated his professional and personal life to seeking out challenges – traveling to the edge of his comfort zone and then pushing a bit further. He’s a serial entrepreneur, combining his thirst for adventure with his drive for doing work that matters. Mike is a recognized expert in local government strategic planning, performance management, and comparative benchmarking.

Mike’s passion for public service drives him and his team to build more efficient, transparent, and trusted public sector agencies. As ‘private sector public servants’ the Envisio team helps to align the work of governments with the needs of their communities by activating strategic plans, engaging employees, measuring performance, and reporting on results.

Mike is father to three girls and an avid skier, golfer, badminton, player and photographer.

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