Join Envisio and Aimee Kaslik, Chief Strategy Officer at Denton, Texas, as we explore the process of building a strategy execution and performance management program from the ground up. Learn how to craft meaningful performance measures, operationalize your strategic plan, report on organizational performance to key stakeholders, and make data-informed strategic decisions.

During this session, Aimee will walk guests through her experience in moving from Irving, Texas, where she spearheaded one of the most acclaimed innovation departments in local government, to Denton, Texas–a forward-thinking and ambitious city with no existing organization-wide performance management framework in place.

Aimee will provide key insights, advice, and learnings into how to lay the foundations for local government organizational performance management–from process to culture to technology.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

  • Why strategy execution and performance management are essential to efficient and effective service delivery
  • How to get started with developing the right performance measures
  • Engaging employees at all levels of your organization in your strategy
  • Using data to inform and make decisions
  • Moving from strategy to action and operationalizing your plan
  • Communicating results, embracing transparency, and building trust

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Aimee Kaslik, Chief Strategy Officer, Denton

Aimee Kaslik joined the City of Denton in September 2022 and is currently serving as Chief Strategic Officer. Aimee has over 25 years of experience in local government, much of which has been dedicated to performance excellence. This includes implementing best practices, innovative approaches, and national standards that promote a higher level of service, improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and elevate the use of data as an asset. She is one of fewer than 100 individuals around the world to be designated a Chief Innovator by Bloomberg Philanthropies and represents the City of Denton as a member of the Bloomberg Cities Network. As Chief Strategic Officer, she is the driving force in developing the City’s strategic planning and performance management framework and is dedicated to bolstering the organization’s ability to make data-informed, strategic decisions.

Mike Bell, CEO, Envisio

Mike has dedicated his professional and personal life to seeking out challenges – traveling to the edge of his comfort zone and then pushing a bit further. He’s a serial entrepreneur, combining his thirst for adventure with his drive for doing work that matters. Mike is a recognized expert in local government strategic planning, performance management, and comparative benchmarking. Mike’s passion for public service drives him and his team to build more efficient, transparent, and trusted public sector agencies. As ‘private sector public servants’ the Envisio team helps to align the work of governments with the needs of their communities by activating strategic plans, engaging employees, measuring performance, and reporting on results.