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How to Develop a Local Government Reporting Framework

Local governments play a critical role in delivering services to their communities, but are often significantly under-resourced. This is why, despite a responsibility to provide transparency to their elected officials, residents, and other key stakeholders, these organizations often struggle to develop comprehensive, timely, and relevant reports that speak to these audiences and effectively communicate progress against strategic goals.

In this guide, we leverage our experience, and insights from our local government customers, to provide a step-by-step process for developing a reporting framework, lay out best practices, and detail how a technology partner like Envisio can help.

We also provide an expansive library of example reports and templates that will help to show what kind of reports you can provide for specific audiences at different times.

Developing a reporting framework is one of the best ways to build trust, align your team, and communicate your results.

So whether you use our software or not, we hope this guide provides you with lots of real examples, ideas, and a templated framework to help you communicate the right thing, to the right people, at the right time, in order to help you and your team reach their goals.

Download the guide and explore:

  • 7 steps for identifying and developing the right reporting framework for your organization
  • 15+ best practice, downloadable performance reports with suggested audience, cadence, and format for each
  • An overview of the Envisio report builder (and how to make the business case in your organization)

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