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Introducing AI Assist: Elevating Strategy Execution with Simplified Action Planning, Improved Efficiency, and Transparency

Today, we’re excited to unveil the latest addition to the Envisio product family: AI Assist!

AI Assist introduces AI technology to the Envisio platform to help you save time and stay informed with one-click actionable work plans and better progress reporting.

AI Assist is an optional feature designed to do more of the heavy-lifting in crafting progress updates and work plans— freeing up time and energy for you and your team to focus on strategy execution.

AI Assist helps to:

  1. Simplify planning and the creation of actionable deliverables with intelligent suggestions for implementing steps in Work Plans.
  2. Save time and improve quality of updates across Actions, Strategies, and Goals with best practice formats and prompts that allow you to improve, summarize, simplify, or rephrase written updates with the click of a button.
  3. Increase report completeness by making the updates process faster and more efficient. Enjoy more reporting periods with 100% completed progress updates from staff and leadership.
  4. Strengthen communication and transparency with clearer insights into accomplishments, roadblocks, and next steps.

AI Assist: A closer look

AI Assist improves efficiency and accuracy while ensuring consistency across departments. It saves organizational leaders hours each reporting period that were previously spent analyzing and summarizing updates from their team into concise updates for reports.

With AI Assist, you can effortlessly organize updates into a standardized format, ensure all progress updates are presented in a consistent, digestible way, and easily aggregate and summarize progress at leadership levels.

Envisio’s new AI features also help with the creation of work plans for your action-level items. At the click of the button, create a Work Plan with suggested implementation steps based on an action’s description. A great starting point for more complete plans, reports, and implementation.

AI Assist is a game-changer for efficiency and transparency. More consistent and complete reporting at all levels of your plan helps you to identify roadblocks across the organization, celebrate successes, and highlight critical information to internal teams, elected officials, and residents.

See it in action in our 1-minute overview!👇

The introduction of AI to Envisio is designed to reduce the burden of administrative tasks so you can focus on having productive discussions, making the best possible decisions, and driving impactful change.

Helping leaders lead with ease

Summarizing updates from the lower levels (your action or program-level items) is critical to providing effective organizational reports and making sound decisions on what to do next.

But manually reviewing progress updates from across multiple departments, programs, and actions is time consuming. Writing engaging, useful summaries takes even more time, effort, and skill.

By introducing Envisio’s new AI Assist tool, we are addressing these pain points and providing more value through:

  • Enhanced summarization capabilities: AI Assist automates the process of summarizing updates, saving valuable time and effort for local government leadership.
  • Improved visibility and understanding: With concise summaries readily available, leadership can gain a clearer understanding of progress and challenges at all levels of the organization, facilitating better decision-making.
  • Increased adoption and retention: By streamlining the summarization process, AI Assist encourages more frequent and comprehensive updates at all levels. This leads to greater plan operationalization!

Check out how Envisio Assist can help organizational leaders summarize action-level updates to create a comprehensive strategy-level update!👇

Animated gif of Envisio AI Assist helping with an strategy update

Alleviating overwhelming task loads and enhancing efficiency

We see it all the time. Lead strategists, city managers, assistant city managers, directors of operations—all of them are juggling dozens of actions under their strategic umbrella, and many manage multiple strategies simultaneously.

It’s a lot of work to sift through heaps of team updates, extracting meaningful insights along the way. Hours upon hours are spent tediously sorting through data. And that doesn’t even cover dealing with different communication styles among users.

AI Assist helps to maintain a cohesive thread between actions.

With AI-driven analysis at the helm, Envisio’s AI Assist ensures comprehensive coverage of accomplishments, roadblocks, and next steps—all while meticulously checking for spelling and grammar errors. This means that managers and leaders can breathe easy, knowing that their reports are not only accurate, but also cohesive, and professional.

Screenshot of Envisio AI Assist with an action update dropdown options

Organizing updates in a best practices format

When it comes to progress updates, Envisio system administrators have the choice to create templates to standardize updates across the organization or use Envisio’s best practice format.

If no template is applied, AI Assist will summarize the updates into Accomplishments, Roadblocks & Next Steps, making it easy to navigate and discuss priorities.

Envisio AI Assist showing an action update within a template

Creating streamlined planning and ownership for actions

AI Assist also encourages the creation of work plans for actions. Many of our customers don’t create work plans at all, but they’re great for fostering a sense of ownership over the delivery of action items and for ensuring all necessary implementation steps have been considered and recorded.

Having AI Assist provide suggestions at the touch of a button is a perfect first step to having teams create more work plans and to increase the chances of successful delivery.

See it in action!👇

Animated gif of Envisio AI Assist creating a work plan

Our AI philosophy

We are introducing this feature with the understanding that while technology propels us forward, it’s the human element that keeps us grounded, ensuring that every decision resonates with our communities.

The Envisio platform is all about improving workflow, communications, and transparency within the public sector—busting silos, and building trust with communities. AI Assist is a part of this process: by honing and strengthening clear communication and reporting internally, people are better able to communicate externally.

At Envisio, we aim to be a part of shaping the responsible integration of AI into local government.

Our approach to AI in govtech is all about building transparency, workforce efficiency and effectiveness. It’s also about keeping your data—and your community’s data—safe and secure.

Because it’s not just about tech for tech’s sake; it’s about value and impact.

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