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Non-Monetary Ways to Motivate Your Employees

One of the most effective ways of motivating employees is an age-old, tried and tested one – give them a raise. But there are many other non-monetary ways that an employee might feel motivated to give a 110 percent to the organization that they are part of. Here are some non-monetary ways to motivate your employees and improve productivity within your organization.

Let them in on the Vision

Do you recall the reason you joined your organization? Perhaps it was for a cause you believe in, or the role provided opportunities for you to expand your skills. Most of us will put in the extra effort for something we believe in, or can benefit from. If your organization has a strategic plan for achieving your Vision, let everyone in on it. Get them to contribute to the tactical plan – this not only helps you identify those employees who are great planners but those who are not afraid to take charge of their own destiny. Strategy management software like Envisio helps provide visibility and accountability to strategic thinking organizations.

Assign them to leadership roles

One efficient way to reward performance is to assign leadership roles to your employees. This also helps you pinpoint those employees who might be promotable in the future. When your employees are given an opportunity to be at the helm of any role, no matter how small, they will be motivated to put in the extra effort to earn it.

Create a great working environment

Employers may think that the environment in which an employee works, ranks low on a scale of motivation, as compared to other factors. But the truth is that a conducive working environment is actually critical to how motivated your employees are, and how they feel about work. Work environment can be made motivating by doing a number of small cosmetic changes too, such as installing plants in the office space, painting the walls a bright color, offering comfortable chairs and spacious work spaces, and creating a space to relax.

Applaud employees for their accomplishments

Recognition and acknowledgment of the effort that an employee has put in from their superiors can go a long way in motivating them positively. Appreciate every achievement, no matter how miniscule, and you will have a team that is raring to go and hungry for more challenges. Give your employees a round of applause when they complete a critical task, use trophies, plaques or even ‘Employee of the Month’ titles to appreciate accomplishments.

Inculcate team spirit

Remember that saying, ‘There is no I in ‘TEAM’? There seems to be quite a bit of truth in that. Inculcating a sense of team spirit in your employees is a great way to motivate them into putting in the extra effort. You can do this in small ways, like framing a picture of your staff and hanging it on the wall, creating groups to compete with each other on light tasks and challenges and more.

Organize social gatherings out of the workplace

Your employees need some time to unwind and let their hair down. An informal social gathering out of the workplace, such as an office picnic, parties or a barbecue at the local park, to which they can bring their families is a fun way to motivate employees indirectly.

Get casual Fridays going

No one wants to be stuck in a suit for 5 days in a week. Pick a day of the week, usually most offices choose Fridays, when employees can come to the office dressed casually. Create themes for casual Fridays, such as red day, or vintage day, or 70s throwback day, to bring fun back into the workplace and to motivate your employees too.

What non-monetary ways have you found effective in motivating your employees?

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