Image of Envisio Action Planning Workshop Wheel
Blue action planning icon to show a living plan

Living plan essentials

An introduction to operationalizing your plan and a design process to keep it relevant for its entire lifetime.

SMART training

Training on how to create SMART actions that are clear, actionable, and aligned with your strategy.

Actions development

Actions built out for your plan that are designed to be easily trackable.

Progress tracking

Identify, prioritize, document, and track the actions needed to fulfill your organization’s strategic priorities.

Individual coaching

Coaching sessions with each department lead to review actions, provide feedback, and identify gaps.

On-going learning

Templates and guides to help you revise or create action plans in the future.

Who should consider this workshop?

Organizations that:

  1. Have a high-level plan in place (e.g. goals and strategies) but no operational actions identified, and therefore, cannot put their plan into action.
  2. Do not have the capacity to create their own SMART Actions without support.
  3. Have operational actions created or partially created, but those actions are not SMART or not easily reported on.
  4. Want SMART actions to be aligned with Envisio’s software right from the design stage.

This service is designed for your executive team, department heads, senior managers and other specialized staff responsible for operational planning at the organizational or departmental levels.

Is this workshop remote or in-person?

It can be either. We recommend that you and your team participate in these action planning workshops remotely. We find that remote workshops that are shorter in duration and broken up over a longer period of time allow participants to reflect on each session and complete work in between, leading to stronger content creation and better long-term results. If there is a strong desire to host the workshop in-person, our staff can accommodate this request, but it will mean there are additional costs for travel.

Do I need to be an Envisio customer already?

No. You can book an action planning workshop with us regardless of whether you are an Envisio software customer or not.

What are the deliverables?

By hiring Envisio to support you through your action planning, you get:

  1. A series of facilitated capacity-building workshops with key team members of your team to support them in the creation of relevant SMART actions.
  2. A gap analysis based on a review of the initial set of SMART actions so follow-up information can be gathered before you start implementation.
  3. A finalized SMART actions spreadsheet that is in a format that can easily be transferred to Envisio or another performance management software for easy tracking and reporting.
  4. Supporting materials and a reusable design process to help you revise or create new actions in the future.

How do I get started?

The best place to start is to request a professional services consultation. We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your organizational goals, answer any questions, and provide you with an accurate quote.