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Introducing the Envisio and Polco Track Integration: Your Community Performance Data Aligned With Your Strategic Priorities

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Today, we are delighted to announce an industry-leading collaboration and integration between the Envisio platform and Polco’s Track module–combining the leading government strategy and performance management platform with the richest set of government performance indicators available today.

Together, we’re excited to bring you faster insights, better decisions, and greater transparency.

This integration gives local governments in the U.S. the ability to align ready-made community livability indicators and benchmarks with their strategic priorities.

Why Envisio and Polco Track?

Polco Track – powered by the Government Performance, Action & Leadership (GPAL) partnership – is the premier library of government performance measures and benchmarks.

In the words of Polco CEO, Dr. Nick Mastronardi:

“Polco Track represents a significant milestone in our mission to empower governments with actionable insights. By partnering with Envisio, we’re able to deliver a transformative solution that streamlines data-informed decision making and maximizes constituent quality of life.”

Envisio is the most widely-used strategic planning and performance management platform helping local governments to execute strategy, track performance, and report progress.

According to Mike Bell, CEO and Co-Founder of Envisio:

“Combining Envisio and Polco puts powerful data at the fingertips of local government leaders who are implementing strategic community objectives. It creates a one-stop-shop for local governments to take the right actions, measure performance, and share progress with elected officials and residents.”

This powerful integration provides a complete solution for local governments looking to implement data-driven plans, manage performance, and report impact to their communities.

Make Data-Informed Decisions

We know local governments want to be promoting big change in their communities—whether that’s through climate action plans or equity overhauls. Having reliable and tailored data sources can provide key insights to enable informed and effective decisions that are aligned with the unique needs and priorities of each individual community.

The Polco Track integration provides you with access to key community performance indicators from trustworthy public sources, aggregated and standardized by data scientists and academic experts. This rich database encompasses community-specific data in ten domains of community livability, including economy, public safety, inclusivity & engagement, community design, and more.

Screenshot of the Polco Track benchmarking data and an Envisio report with embedded Polco Track visuals

From today, you can incorporate ready-made performance measures for your community into your plans, reports, and public dashboards to show advancements towards community objectives. Gain insight into your performance metrics, livability scores, and benchmarks, alongside resident feedback from community surveys (if you’ve done them), for a holistic overview of your government’s effectiveness.

In short? Say goodbye to hours of aggregating and analyzing masses of data, and hello to fast, data-driven insights specific to your community.

Use Benchmarks to Inform Plans and Track Impact

As a local government leader, you’re making decisions and steering the ship of your community, navigating through (occasionally) choppy waters of changing budgets, old and new policies, and increasingly complex community concerns. Having a compass to guide you is essential, and being able to benchmark against other cities and counties helps you see where you are today and where you want to get to.

Benchmarking is a critical function of smart strategic planning, making decisions with context, and agile performance management.

Screenshot of the Polco Track benchmarking data and domain index scores

With Polco Track measures embedded within Envisio, you can compare your organization’s performance to regional and national benchmarks with ease. You can set goals and show if and how your plans are effecting positive change.

Compare your domain index scores to communities within your state and/or communities with a similar
population. Measure performance changes over time with automatic data updates, and easily identify if you’re on the right path or need to adjust resources or actions.

Align Data With Strategic Priorities

With Polco Track and Envisio, you don’t just get data–you get your own community’s data visualized, benchmarked, and ready to use to guide progress towards YOUR goals.

Aligning your community data with your strategic goals in Envisio gives you everything you need to put your data into action.

Screenshot of an Envisio Public Dashboard with Polco Track Safe Communities Data

Because here’s the thing about data… it comes alive in context. Without the priorities established in your strategic plan, the data doesn’t provide direction.

It can be the beginning parts of a story, yes. But combined with Envisio’s strategy and performance management tools, you can show the story of your organization’s journey over time. And with Polco Track’s benchmarking magic, you can see how your community stacks up against other similarly sized and resourced entities.

Your Track data highlights areas of your community where you should focus on improvements so you can get aligned on the most important issues and create a living, adaptive plan as you see results.

Don’t let your data live in a vacuum–let us help you put it to work!

Trustworthy, Standardized Data At Your Fingertips

Ensuring the integrity and reliability of data is paramount for Envisio in serving our local government customers effectively. The Government Performance Action & Learning (GPAL) partnership is central to the Polco Track integration. By consolidating verified public data from diverse governmental sources at city, county, and federal levels, GPAL establishes a foundation of trustworthiness.

This extensive database undergoes rigorous and continual scrutiny, peer-review, and standardization by data scientists and academic professionals to construct essential datasets and community-tailored scores across ten facets of community livability.

How It Works

For U.S. cities or counties, you can now access Polco Track from within the Envisio platform with just one click. Choose from a range of predefined performance measures and benchmark visualizations tailored to your community and seamlessly integrate them with your Envisio plan elements.

Screenshot of the Polco Track button in the Envisio Platform

These visualizations can then be incorporated into Envisio’s public dashboards and reports to show progress towards desired outcomes to your staff, community members, and elected officials. These embedded visualizations are dynamic, and they’ll automatically update within the Envisio platform whenever GPAL data is updated! Voila, data magic!

Features of the Polco Track and Envisio Integration

  • Trustworthy data sets specific to your community: GPAL partners amassed the nation’s largest public community data set and distilled complex information down into meaningful indicators. The data points shine light on the quality of life of every single community across the United States.
  • Actionable insights seamlessly embedded into plans and reports: This integration streamlines the process of incorporating data-driven decisions directly into operational frameworks, empowering local governments to translate insights into tangible actions and outcomes that drive progress and improvement.
  • Easy benchmarking against regional and national data sets: This functionality enables local governments to compare their performance metrics against broader benchmarks, gaining valuable insights into their relative strengths and areas for improvement. By benchmarking against peer communities, municipalities can identify best practices, set realistic goals, and track progress effectively.
  • Integration for immediate access and implementation: This seamless integration minimizes implementation barriers and accelerates the adoption process, allowing municipalities to start harnessing the benefits of data-driven decision making without delay. With Polco Track and Envisio, local governments can hit the ground running and unlock their full potential for strategic governance.

Grow Trust through Transparency

By integrating Polco Track and Envisio, local governments gain a powerful tool for enhancing trust and transparency within their communities. With the ability to easily access and embed relevant performance data into their Envisio plans, dashboards, and reports, officials can demonstrate a commitment to openness and accountability.

Screenshot of an Envisio Community Dashboard with Polco Track Visualizations

Envisio’s public dashboards and reporting features help to foster a culture of transparency, inviting stakeholders to participate in the governance process. By leveraging Polco Track’s comprehensive library of measures and benchmarks with Envisio’s reporting and public dashboard capabilities, local governments can build bridges of trust, ensuring that decisions are made with clarity, integrity, and knowledge.

Building data-driven cultures isn’t just a trend, it’s a necessity for modern governance.

Experience Envisio and Polco Track!

Join us in shaping the future of governance with Envisio and Polco Track. Together, let’s build stronger, more resilient communities through informed, evidence-based decision making and greater transparency.

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